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view from the south

View from the south

view from the north

view from the north

We start to build the Natural Applied Art Museum in Bashtala village of Ust-Koksinsky region in Altay Republic. There are a lot of works in it which have been done by local masters. The masters keep their skill in ancient national traditions. Their works and Altay Republic modern masters’ of Art industry and handicraft professional master-classes will be take place in the grounds of the Museums.

view inside

View inside

More than that there will be planning to organize a lot of activities to master the national handicraft. That’s why our Museum will become one the Culture-Enlightens Work Centre among children and youth especially. The main idea of this Centre is upbringing the youth generation to understand art as spiritual foundation for moral and aesthetic developing of a person.

Due to meeting children with the best models of national art the Museum will help to attract them for mastering and developing traditional handicrafts. It promotes waking up and supporting national self-consciousness and patriotism as well as foundation of independence and prosperity of a nation and state.

We invite all the valentines to take part in realizing this remarkable project.

We guarantee you living in village house where you could see the sacred Belukha – the highest mountain of Siberia. Through their willingwe could place the youngest and the bravest men.

To add to abovementioned there are fresh air, spring water, beautiful mountains views are applied constantly and unlimited.

Your skills in building, landscape design, gardening, etc. are will be greeted.

Contact information:

  • +7-913-998-6666 – Alla Nickolayevna,

  • +7-913-993-53-94 – Sergey Vyacheslavovich

You may ask any questions you like or send your application on e-mail:

You may contact in English:

+7-983-329-7013 – Natalya Valerjevna

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