I’m Liliya Alexandrovna Pedak, greeting on this site.

How and for what it created? All of these new computer technologies were infinitely far from me, and I from them. But my young friends persuaded me to the opening of this site, citing the most well-grounded argument – my artworks can see people from all over, not only in our country but around the world. After all, not everyone can get to these remote places, to see the beauty of our region and to visit my exhibition, but thanks to the Internet, without leaving home, anyone can make a fascinating journey, enjoy the beauty of the Altai and see my work, inspired by the spirit of his majestic and divine perfection. For you, my contemporaries and future descendants, I continue every day to take up “my brush” – the magic thread, weave which reflects the breath of life itself the magnificence of the nature of the Altai Mountains, originality and uniqueness of its inhabitants.


My old age reminds me of the impermanence of life. Running in the past minutes, hours, days and years, has long been telling me about the vanity of material wealth – not carry it into the heavenly worlds. Only human memory allows us to hope for immortality of soul. Remember, as in Pushkin? “No, I shall not wholly die – the soul in my cherished lyre will outlast my dust and ashes will escape … And long time I shell have the kind for people that I have good feelings aroused by lyre …” that is why we should all leave the people, their creativity, things, deeds, idea. Therefore, I had to leave all my author’s collection to you, my dear present and future audiences and admirers of my work, encouraging their feedback and warm towards me, to the creative impulses and new works. To demonstrate my collection created works and works that are waiting for their realization, me and my friends have been conceived and built exhibition hall. In the future, based on it will open the Museum of folk arts and crafts, which will open its doors to all the masters of our district and the Republic. In it will be held exhibitions, recitals, concerts, master classes. All the artists of our region It will be able to exhibit their works, the Republic in a comfortable and safe environment for their works.

“Tractor. Altai and Russia together “frame, thread” Mackay “cloth, the entire composition 57х30х20, 2007 г.

It is planned to organize for children and adults of different studio creative direction. Children can learn folk handicrafts and understand the basics of creativity in different areas of creative activity of mankind learn to love their land, their homeland. I hope that the museum will take place charitable sale exhibition of children’s works. It is important that from an early age children to feel useful, can look with confidence to the future, able to create beauty and to appreciate it in all its forms, and become masters themselves teaching new other children to art skill.


I could not even imagine that people will support me with enthusiasm. Suddenly I look for a person who has developed a completely free architectural sketch of the project. That man was my former student Svetlana Schipunova, who grew up as it turned out, a wonderful architect. During the year, she has created an original project with innovative solutions interior space and gave it all to us. Her noble act deeply touched me.

My friends, has long been supportive of me, unanimously decided to begin implementing this, by my standards, it is an ambitious project. In the summer 2014 in full swing construction. The builders worked almost seven days a week, as people lacked. Fortunately, God has sent us volunteers – two young guys from St. Petersburg and Magnitogorsk, who worked on a par with everyone else. And the young man helping out us, who now lives in Ust-Koksa and drums are in the hottest days, when there were concrete works. In August 2014, came artists from the creative team of “Portraits of F-sharp” (Magnitogorsk Conservatory students), and after the concerts, successfully passed the villages of the district, is also shock worked on excavations. Several times the man was working on a construction site which was a hot spot in Afganestane, a wonderful guy who every time coming to our area on a business trip, for a while, but came to help. Everyone worked perfectly free, with enthusiasm, knowing that they are working for the future.



Even nature has helped us – the weather was dry and warm. Only in rare weekend happens after concreting, it rained. Frost struck only after the last of this construction season pouring concrete. At the last day of October 5, 2014, when finishing coat with bitumen and covered with soil adhered to the foundation plinth insulation began to drizzle, but the people continued to work. It was only the next day went to the torrential rain and then snow. So along with the construction project is over and the summer. Gone are the builders, and the area was left to rise almost finished basement of the Museum of the future. Almost impossible to limit the forces are constantly working people, and it happened is history – the history of the future museum.

Visitors of my exhibition, tourists and locals, encouraged by the work of our builders, helped as best they could: they gave as a gift the modest donations for the construction of the Museum.

Yes, I have to say about finances. This year, the construction was done on my modest savings, money, my friends, who also were the direct builders and donations received as a gift for the construction of the visitors and admirers of my work. I am immensely grateful for all your contributions, without them it was impossible to build something that has become part of the Museum.

This year we will complete the concreting of walls, columns erected and put overlap. Along with the volunteer help is needed, and financial assistance: to continue construction will need to buy cement and rebar. All participants of the construction – the representatives of ordinary working people, with ordinary income, and of course it is difficult one to fund the project. But we realize that if we do not create a bright future, then the future may not be perfect. And then our material well-being will shatter under the pressure of destructive forces. It is now for all of us continue to active demonstrate in many parts of our planet.


Therefore, I urge everyone to take part in this difficult but noble endeavor – in word and deed, and cash. I appeal to all in whom the living heart, consonant with our wishing to benefit not only his but also the common home, to respond to our offer.


I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who have helped and continue to help embodied in the life of my dreams – I support the construction of the exhibition hall, which will last for the life of my creativity and my work. My former students – a remarkable architect, my friends and volunteers, began to carry out my dream, and continue to help implement it in life, and those visitors strings shower which touched my work. My soul is born warm response to all of you, and the desire to create and live. Low bow to you all!